How to make wasabi squid

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How to make wasabi squid
This is a bit of an unusual dish prepared under the inspiration of Japanese cuisine. Despite making sushi with squid, this is just raw squid without any rice, or rice can be served on the side. Perfectly balanced simple spices and fresh, crunchy texture make this dish unusual. Of course, it should be cooked from very fresh squids.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. Squids. Preferably Arrow Squid. In Japan, they use Heterololigo squid, or spear squid (Heterololigo bleekeri). From my point of view, calamari is not suitable for this cooking. Then it is necessary to have wasabi paste, or, fresh wasabi root, which is almost impossible to find outside Japan, so, just use any wasabi paste you have. It is up to you, how spicy you want to have this dish - but look at our video to have an idea of the level of spiciness. Few eggs - only yolks. Green herbs - microleaves and chives. Soy sauce, maybe some hot chilli powder like satimi togarashi. Sesame seeds. Salted salmon caviar. That it. There are no strict proportions, just your idea of ideal taste will give you an answer.

  2. Clean and prepare squid: Remove skin and flippers. Cut the body and remove all intestines. Cut off tentacles near the beak. Slice thinly squid body.

  3. Mix squid slices with wasabi paste. Separate egg yolks.

  4. On the plate form a deep well from the slices of squid. Put a few tentacles inside, and add a few yolks. Sprinkle with chopped chives and soy sauce. Ass salmon roe. Add microleaves and sprinkle with sesame seed. Enjoy!

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