How to grill snakehead fish

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How to grill snakehead fish
Today, I will show how I grill Asian snakehead fish. The full name of this fish is striped snakehead (Channa striata). Striped snakehead is an amazing fish, not only from a biological point of view but also from a culinary point of view. Firm, juicy meat with fatty bits makes it ideal for grilling.

The main difference between my grilling and traditional Asian grilling of snakehead fish is that in Asia, they never scale fish before grilling. I do prefer to scale it. What is the difference and which style is better?

It is difficult to answer unambiguously. Grilling snakehead fish with scales gives you juicier fish with more tender flesh, but a lot of difficulties to eat it, and also you will lose all skin. Grilling without skin requires a more skilful chef, and also the flesh will be drier with some juice running out, but as a benefit, you will have lovely crispy skin with simplicity on the table.

So, now, if you have snakehead fish, let's grill it!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.... It is very simple. You need to have a medium snakehead fish, up to 1.5 kilos. if it is much bigger, it is necessary to use a different style of cooking. Also, you need to have a few pinches of salt, I do prefer to use sea salt flakes and a bit of good oil for brushing before grilling. Also, we need to have charcoal for grilling and a good castiron mesh with a long strong metal (or bamboo) skewer.

  2. Clean fish as described: first of all scale it with the knife or special fish scaler, which is more convenient for you. Be careful and do remember, that even the fish head is covered with scales! Remove stomach content and remove gills.

  3. Make a few diagonal deep cuts on every side of the body and salt fish everywhere. Don't worry about salting a bit too much from the outside - almost all salt fill falls off during the grilling.

  4. This fish is long and therefore it is a good idea to use metal, or a bamboo skewer to keep its shape. Just put it on a skewer along the backbone, from the mouth to the tail.

  5. Preheat the grill with cast iron to a high, brush fish with olive oil and start to fry on one side. After 4-5 min flip to the other side. Then, on medium, turn every so often to make sure it is evenly cooked and not burned. Try to keep more temperature under the head, rather than the tail.

  6. When ready - serve with simple salad leafs.

    Watch our video how we cook it and to the same

    Is it difficult to grill on the griddle? Yes, you need to have some practice, otherwise, the fish will stick and burn.

tips and tricks

  • use proper cast iron griddle - it is much better for good grilling
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