How to make garlic oil

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How to make garlic oil
Garlic oil is a very flavourful condiment for salads, and for other dishes and it is pretty easy to make it at home, especially if you have a lot of garlic. Sometimes, this garlic oil can be produced as a leftover from making backing garlic for other needs. So, today I will show you how to make garlic oil quickly at home.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are very simple, garlic, oil and you can add some herbs as well, thyme or rosemary works pretty well with this oil. Lemon grass can go as well. Don’t shy to make some experiments, add some ginger as well! More garlic and less oil you take – more stronger flavour you will have. You can add some dried garlic at the end as well to make more flavours.

    Oil…. Take any good oil without very strong flavour. Today I’ve use 50/50 mixture of olive and vegetable oils.

  2. Ideally, garlic should be completely piled, but if you feel lazy, you can remove only top cover and leave individual cover untouched. If you prefer this lazy style, then you need to cut off garlic tops.

  3. Fill small pan with garlic and herbs and cover everything with oil. Do remember – less oil you use, more flavours you will have.

  4. Now you need to cook it. It is possible to use two different ways of cooking. Use oven at, preheated at 150°C or 300°F. This way is a bit longer, but have less problems with overcooking and burning out garlic.

  5. Other way is to use standard stove on a very low heat, and keep oil gently simmering at the temperature about 110°C for oil itself. In both gases, cook until the garlic start to be slightly brown and soft for wooden stick or thermometer probe.

  6. Take of from the heat, discard garlic for other use, drain oil through colander and store it is the jar.

    This is very simple recipe and everybody can do it. If you are not very convinced – look through this short video to see all the details

    Good luck with your cooking!

tips and tricks

  • Never keep raw garlic in the oil – it can be dangerous because of the botulism infection.
  • Don’t overcook – garlic will turn very bitter
  • Actually, it is better to do without garlic skin, because it is a lot of not very healthy oxalates are in this skin.
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