How to find Monkfish Parasites, Microsporidian xenomas

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How to find Monkfish Parasites, Microsporidian xenomas
Monkfishes (Lophius budegassa and Lophius piscatorius) are often can be infected by Spraguea lophii. This fungi can form Microsporidian xenomas an it the fish muscles and connective tissues. I will try to show how to find these xenomas and how to remove them from the tissues. Watch our video about Monkfish parasites Microsporidian xenomas and you will see that probably you can find the same in your fish also.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Microsporidian xenomas are ususally located in the muscles near spine backbone in the muscles in the Monkfish tail. Also you can find few xenomas in conenctive tussies near spine backbone near head part of the fish.

  2. Look at these regularly located xenomas along the spine backbone. These Microsporidian xenomas are formed by Spraguea lophii fungi.

  3. Near monkfish head these xenomas can be observed without cutting muscles or filleting fish.

  4. You can easily remove these xenomas from the muscle tissues, but the appearance og the flesh will be ruined. Therefore this fish loose its presentation and cannot be used for serving as a whole piece. These fungi are not harmful for human and it is not necessary to discard this fish, but during the cooking it is better to use them as a small pieces and follow the correct cooking procedure.

  5. Further read: Jorge Landa., Lucia Canas., Sraguea lophii (Microsporidia) parasitizing blackbellied angler (Lophius budegassa) and angler (L. piscatorius) in European Atlantic waters. Journal of Sea Research, Volume 130, December 2017, Pages 210-216.

    Also watch our video with buying monkfish (Lophius piscatorius) head on Sheffield Moor market and inspecting it on the presence of Microsporidian xenomas. Also xenomas from the muscles are shown.

    Now you know how these xenomas are looks like and you will not be confused if you will find them later.

tips and tricks

  • Remove all Microsporidian xenomas from the fish before cooking
  • Use proper temperature control for cooking
  • Because the muscles are looks ugly, it is better to use small pieces of monkfish for cooking
  • Do not discard all fish if you find Microsporidian xenomas
  • Do not use sushi or sashimi style of fish cooking if you fish contains Microsporidian xenomas
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