Sushi is an extremely famous Japanese delicacy consisting of fish rolled in vinegared rice. Shari (flavored rice) is one of the key ingredients used in the preparation of sushi. It is enjoyed by people all over the world. The original recipe has been slightly altered according to the taste of people around the globe, who have added a touch of their respective cultures to it.

Sushi History

It is quite interesting to know that the first kind of sushi, which is known as nare-zushi, originated in Southeast Asia. It reached the southern parts of China before the Japanese adopted it as a part of their culture.

The literal meaning of sushi is "sour tasting", hence the use of sour vinegar in its preparation. Apart from imparting a tangy flavor, vinegar helps in the preservation of the fish. The taste of sushi can be categorized in the "umami" category which is a kind of taste.

The conventional styles of making sushi involved wrapping fish in vinegared rice which helped in blending in the sour flavor. The modern forms of sushi have a very little resemblance to its original form. Back in the day, the rice that the fish was cooked in did not used to be consumed; it was simply used to infuse the flavor of vinegar in the fish.

There are various kinds of sushi which differ due to the ways in which they are prepared and by the different combinations of servings that are offered with it. Following are some of the different types of sushi.

Types of Sushi

  • Nigiri is made up of small balls of rice with a combination of fish and other types of sea food, such as shellfish, eel, squid, tuna, shrimp, fried egg and octopus.
  • Gunkan, served in small cups, consists of rice along with dry sea weed leaves. It is made in different forms and varieties, the most famous one being fried eggs and urchin.
  • Norimaki is a kind of sushi made by wrapping seafood and rice in sea weed leaves. They are made in the form of rolls. People often personalize their sushi rolls by altering the ingredients according to their taste and liking. This form of sushi is very famous all over the world, but not so much in Japan itself.
  • Chirashi consists of rice with mushrooms and vegetables served on the top. The rice is mostly seasoned with vinegar.
  • Oshizushi is a mashed form of sushi. It is prepared by pressing layers of vegetables with rice on the top. As a result, a compact rectangular block of sushi is created.

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