How to cook Pinaypay – Filipino banana fritters

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How to cook Pinaypay – Filipino banana fritters
Pinaypay – banana fritter from Cebu. This is traditional Filipino street food ,but know with different names in different areas (Maruya, Sinapot, Baduya or Kumbo). They also can be differ by shape and type of banana used. So here I will show you, how to cook pinaypay from Cebu.

It is very important to have proper saba bananas of plantain for making original pinaypay. But when it’s cooked – you will like it.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are very simple.
    • Saba banana or Plantain, I prefer rippen
    • Flour and water for batter
    • Food colouring or mixture of turmeric and paprika
    • Salt for batter
    • Sugar for coating

  2. Prepare batter. Add flour into cold water constantly steering. Add salt to make is slightly salty and food colouring to make nice reddish colour. Add flour to mixture and mix until it will turns into slightly viscous batter, which can cover and stick to fingers.

  3. Cut banana lengthwise up-to almost end into 3-4 slices and slightly pressing them, open them as a hand fan. They should looks fanned. This will help them to cook more easily

  4. Preheat oil to 180°C and start cooking. During cooking, try to keep oil between 170° and 180° C. Deep fanned bananas into batter, and move them carefully into hot oil. Cook about 4-5 min turning every so often.

  5. Take out from oil, drain on paper towel and sprinkle with sugar. Serve and enjoy. This is very simple recipe and it is difficult to make it wrong, specially if you ar ok to work with hot oil. For more details, look carefully our video

    a and try to repeat it at home!

tips and tricks

  • Do not overload oil with cooking products
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