How to Cook Ginger Scallion sauce (薑蓉)

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How to Cook Ginger Scallion sauce (薑蓉)
Ginger-scallion sauce (薑蓉) is an oil based traditional Chinese (Cantonese) sauce. This savoury sauce, sometimes called Ginger scallion oil, is so universal, that can be used together with very wide range of dishes, from rice and vegetables to meat and fish, not limiting by traditional poached chicken.

This Ginger Scallion sauce (薑蓉) have plenty of different variations, many chefs do it slightly different, and I will show version, which I like most.

But this Ginger Scallion sauce (薑蓉) is so niche, not only because of it taste and vitamin richness, but also it is so simple, that no cooking skills is really needed to make it perfectly!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for Ginger Scallion sauce (薑蓉) for one whole chicken or similar sized portion, or let’s say this is for three persons.
    • Scallion (Green onion) – 5 average
    • Ginger – 3 cm piece
    • Salt – ¼ tsp
    • Sou sauce – ½ tbsp
    • Oil – 2 tbsp. I prefer to use sesame oil, but you can try to do it with different oils and see the difference!
    This Ginger Scallion sauce can have a lot of variations in its ingredients and way of preparing. For example, soy sauce is optional. Also. The amount of used ginger can vary from 1:1 to scallion to only about 10% of scallion amount. There is no single ideal proportions.

  2. Take only white part of scallion. Chop it finely and mush in mortar with adding salt. Some chefs prefer to chop scallion very finely and avoid using mortar – this is your choice also, it is better to try both ways and find your ideal taste. But I prefer to mush it in mortar, because it allow to develop more interesting onion texture.

    Grate ginger and mix all ingredients in mortar with pestle again. That it really. It is ready to serve with chicken or any other meat, rice, noodles or even vegatables.

    But before you prepare your own version of Ginger Scallion sauce – watch our video and see all details of how to prepare this sauce – it is easy!

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