How to make banana cue

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How to make banana cue
It is difficult to say, what is the right way to write the name of this dish. Is it banana cue, or banana Q or banana que. This problem arose from the fact, that this Filipino dish is not very well known in England or America.

In this article I will show, how to make banana cue (let call it banana cue, rather than other names) at home by simple and easy steps.

Banana cue is a very popular Filipino street food, available virtually everywhere and you can easily do it at home.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients: Ingredients are simple.
    • Plantains – as much as you want to cook :) But really, think about oil fritter where you will cook them.
    • Oil – simple oil for deep frying. Enough to cover all plantains.
    • Brown sugar. Simple brown sugar, approximately 1 tbs for each plantain.
    • Icing sugar – not really crucial, but make nice touch for the final dish.
    • Bamboo skewers – for simple serving. Do remember, we doing Filipino street food and it should be nice and simple way of serving it.

  2. Traditionally, in Philippines, saba bananas are used to cook banana cue. Saba bananas are very short and not sweet, but this size is perfect for a one portion. That is why it is better to cut plantains into three pieces. This is the most convenient size for cooking.

  3. Preheat oil to 180 degrees an a large bowl and place plantains into this oil. Turn them every so often, to avoid one side burning.

  4. When the plantains half cooked, approximately after 4 min. after start – sprinkle them with half of brown sugar. And gently steer them to achieve maximal covering with sugar, which start to caramelise.

  5. After one min. sprinkle with the rest of sugar and steer them again to cover with caramel even more. Then cook until they will be ready, steering occasionally. In total cooking time should not be longer than 8-10 min.

  6. Prepare so serve these banana cue on bamboo skewers and sprinkle with icing sugar.

  7. Serve and enjoy

    For more detailed process how to make banana cue, please watch our video Banana cue, banana q, classical Filipino street food

    And you will know how to do it.

tips and tricks

  • Don’t use common sweet banana – they will virtually dissolve in the hot oil. Only possible to do this, if they are still green.
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