How to oven roast dogfish

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How to oven roast dogfish
Lesser spotted dogfishes, like bull husses and smooth hounds are very tender, juicy and tasty fishes. They have no bones except the spinal bone and they are easy to clean and easy to eat. As a best recipe for any type of dogfishes we do recommend to oven bake them.

step-by-step instructions

  1. For two portions dish take four small dogfishes.

  2. Skin dogfishes as described in other instruction: How to clean dogfish with hot water. Do it very carefully, because any left over skin bits will ruin this dish.

  3. Chop the fish body in cubic sized pieces.

  4. Place the fish pieces into deep tray and cover with butter. Either use salted butter, or use unsalted butter and add a bit of salt. For four small dogfishes use about 50 gr of butter.

  5. On top, add plenty of copped parsley. For four small dogfishes you can use medium bunch of parsley.

  6. Place tray into preheated oven, about 200 degrees and cook for 30-40 minutes. The dish is completely ready now and you can serve it.

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