How to clean dogfish with hot water

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How to clean dogfish with hot water
Dogfishes (or Catsharks or Lesser Spotted Dogfish), Smooth-hounds and Bull husses is common catch for British, Scottish and Irish sea fishers, but not many of them know how to cook and clean these lovely fishes. These small sharks have very strong skin with very small scales. If any small pieces of this skin will go to the cooking. Your dish will be ruined. Therefore it is very important to skin such kind of fishes very carefully. There are three major techniques of cleaning dogfishes and we will discuss all of them eventually. Here is a first technique, cleaning with the hot water.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Take dogfishes with removed stomach insides.

  2. In shallow tray put 2 pints of boiling-hot water. Put dogfish into tray with hot water.

  3. Keep dogfish in hot water for about 30 seconds turning occasionally.

  4. After such heating the dogfish's skin will be jelly-like and it will be very easy to remove it by rubbing by hand and by knife.

  5. After skinning, wash the fish body very carefully, to be sure that all all bits of skin are removed.

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