How to make chicken offals hoe

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How to make chicken offals hoe
Hoe (회) is a large group of dishes, usually made with raw meat of fish, popular in Korea. Despite usually hoe made from raw or blanched ingredients, there are some varieties, which can be prepared with fully cooked meat.

In this recipe you can read, how to make chicken offals hoe. This is not very common hoe in Korea, but because of the fully cooked meat, it can be easily consumed by those, who never try raw food. Also this recipe is a good example of using chicken offals, whith their unique taste and texture.

This chicken offals hoe is a perfect as a cold meat salad and can be used for starter, or as a main dish. Can be consumed alone or with rice or noodles, separately, or wrapped into salad or perilla leaves.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients can be uncreased or decreased proportionally. It is possible to change one meat to another and change the amount of vegetables. The only important part is vinegar essence. Please be careful with this ingredient.

    • Chicken gizzards – 1kg
    • Chicken hearts – 1kg
    • Chicken wings – 2kg
    • Carrot – 0.5kg
    • Onion – 1-1.5kg
    • Hot chilli, like birds eye or green analogue – 12. This will be moderately hot hoe. Adjust it to your personal taste.
    • Garlic 1-2 bulbs
    • Korean soy sauce – 8-10 tbsp
    • Black pepper powder – 2 tsp
    • Korean coarse chilli powder – 4 tbsp. Again, adjust to your taste. You can youse fine chilli powder as well.
    • Salt – to taste of chicken stock
    • Green coriander – 2-3 bunches
    • Vegetable oil - 150ml
    • Sesame oil - 50ml
    • Vinegar essence 70% – 40-50g. Please be careful with this compound, because in this concentration it dangerous.

  2. Clean chicken gizzards. On the picture you can see, what you need to remove from them in black circles. It is necessary to remove extra fat from the surface. Also some gizzards can have extra segments from the stomach – chop them off. And finally, some gizzards can be badly peeled from the internal layer of skin – brown-yellow colour. Peel it of. Also remove all yellow spots on the gizzards meat.

  3. Finally, chicken gizzards should looks like on the picture. On the left part you can see the removed bits – extra fat, internal skin and non-gizzard parts.

    It is time to cook them. Bring water to boil and salt it to salty taste. Keep in mind, that at the end of cooking,part of the salt go into the meat and the rest of salt should make nicely salted chicken stock. Place chicken gizzards into boiling water, bring to boil, remove scum and reduce heat for slow simmering. It is necessary to simmer gizzards for about 90 minutes. During this time you can do few next steps.

  4. You can separate chicken wings into fragments, cutting through the joints. In this recipe we will use only meat from the wings, so the end bits from the wings can be discarded for other use.

  5. Cut carrots into a thin long strips. It is convenient to use some oriental Mandoline Slicer, or just slice with knife. Thinner is better, but try to make them long.

  6. After of 90 min of gizzard simmering, they should be very soft and tender. Add chicken wings, bring to boil and simmer for 10 min. Check for salt. Add chicken hearts, bring to boil and switch off the heat. Leave to chill down. This step-by-step meat cooking technology allow to achieve very tender meats and keep as much flavours as possible.

  7. When chicken meat is chilled down, you can slice onion. Thinner is better. You can also slice chilli peppers as fine as possible.

  8. Now you have a choice what to do. It is possible to use whole chicken bits in the final dish or remove bones from the meat. Personally, I prefer to use meat without bones. Therefore, just take of meat from the bones. It is easy to do by hands.

  9. Cut chicken hearts into halves. Cut gizzards into thin strips lengthwise.

  10. Place all meats into a large stainless steel, glass, enamelled or plastic bucket. It is important to use bucket, which will be vinegar resistant. Add all spices.

  11. Weight vinegar essence. Please be careful and use this amount precisely.

  12. Add half of sliced onion, carrots, coriander and minced garlic. Pour vinegar on top.

  13. Mix sesame and vegetable oil and use it to fry half of onion, until soft and translucent. Do not brown it. Stir every so often.

  14. Add cooked onion with oil on top of everything. It is good to use piping hot onion with oil – this will reduce the garlic sharp taste and soften the carrot.

  15. Mix everything carefully, place lid on the top and add some weight. Leave overnight in the fridge for marinating. After 24 hours it will be ready.

tips and tricks

  • You can also add other chicken offals, like chicken necks or chicken paws
  • Do not use aluminium or cast iron pan or dished for cooking
  • It is not very good to use standard table vinegar, because to achieve the same acidity, you should use about 650ml of 4.5% vinegar, which make hoe very watery.
  • 70% Vinegar Essence is a strong acid. Please be careful handling it.
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