How to cook perfect sirloin steak

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How to cook perfect sirloin steak
After a visit of many local restaurants, I can easily say, that they do not know, how to caak perfect sirloin steak!

Perfect steak, is a steak which can obey the following criteria.
  • This steak should be juicy
  • When you cut it, nothing should leaks from it
  • Idealy, if this steak will be evenly salted
  • It should be tasty!
  • Steak should be cooked to selected doneness in any point inside
  • Outside it should be cooked very well, preferably with a thin layer of crispy fat.
  • The layer of well cooked meat on the surface should be as thin as possible

It is very difficult to obey all these criteria, but in fact it is possible to do it if you follow few simple steps and rules described here. We hope, that out guide how to cook perfect sirloin steak will be very useful for anybody who would like to cook perfect sirloin steak.

In this recipe, we will use the standard simple electric hob.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are simple. Perfect beef, salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil. Actually, you can cook this steak without any oil at all! The most important is to choose the right beef. Proper sirloin steak should have reasonably thick layer of fat. Also steaks should be about 1.5 inch (3.5-4.0 cm) thick. If the steak will be much thinner – then you can easily overcook it and so not achieve proper outside doneness. If the steak is too thick, it again very difficult to cook it on the standard hob. Also the meat should be matured as long as possible. 21 day – good. 28 – much better! We prefer to use 2-3 month old beef – this is really tender and tasty meat. To make a proper beef cut, I do prefer to buy whole meat chunk and cut my steaks by myself.

  2. sprinkle each side of the steak with freshly grounded black pepper, smoked sea sakt flakes and olive oil. As I've mention earlier, Olive oil do produce its unique aroma and flavours for the steak, but not important for cooking. Steak should be warm before cooking. It should be at least room temperature, but can be slightly wormer.

  3. Preheat cast iron skillet. The temperature of the skillet should be around 300-350 °. Place steak fat side down and cook until fat start to be cooked well and crispy.

  4. Every so often, check the fat on the steak. If you feel, that the fat is crispy enough and well browned, you can start to cook steak on other sides.

  5. Flip the steak on the side and cook for 30-60 seconds. Then flip to other side. And cook again, etc. How long you should cook steak before turning? This is a very important question. Because I do explain, how to cook perfect sirloin steak, I should give a precise answer. But it is impossible to do. From one point of view, if you turn steak every 30 seconds, then you will achieve very accurate and uniform temperature inside with minimal overcooked border. But from other point of view, on each side you can't cook more than two times, one time – parallel to the griddle ribs and one time – perpendicular to them. Otherwise you will ruin nice picture on the surface. So, it is your choice, what is more important for you… But, anyway, try to keep the time of cooking on one side between 30 sec and 1 min.

  6. Cook meat on each side. Don't forget to cook the edges as well. If the steak is thick, it will be a big mistake to have both sides well browned and and have a red sides.

    After cooking, leave steak to rest for 3-5 min. This will allow to redistribute the temperature inside the meat and remove all tensions in the meat,which stops the juices to escape from the meat during cutting.

tips and tricks

  • Steak with salt can stay as much as you like. Ideally – 48 hours, which will allow for salt go to inside the steak. Don;t worry, steak will not loose any juices.
  • If you feel, that the steak is too cold (from the fridge) – put it in the plastic bag and put into a warm (or hot) water, to warm up the steak.
  • If you are not highly professional steak chef, then it will be good to check internal temperature with the needle thermometer. But do remember, that during the resting time, the temperature inside can rise up to 3-4 degrees!
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