How to cook rare roast beef

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How to cook rare roast beef
Roasted beef is a traditional food in many countries. There are many different ways to cook good roast beef and in this recipe I will show, how to cook rare roast beef. The only disadvantage of this technique – its time (24 hours), but he result will be amazing! Also this technique can only be recommended for cooking beef to rare doneness, or medium-rare doneness. For cooking to other doneness it is better to use other techniques. Also it is very important to use proper beef cut, personally, I do like to use rib roast cur, but sirloin will also be suitable.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for this rare roast beef are very simple.
    • Beef rib roast, preferably with ribs on.
    • Large Sea salt or rock salt and black pepper, very standard spices. It is not necessary to do something extra special at this point.
    • Drop of any cooking oil (not shown) or slice of the beef fat.

  2. Remove rib eye cap muscle. This muscle has different tenderness in compare with other muscles and they should be cooked separately. Also remove extra thick layer of fat from the rib area.

  3. Tie with butcher string the meat to the ribs. One lap of string between each pairs of ribs. It is necessary to do, because otherwise it is easy do loose the mat from the bone during cooking.

  4. Sprinkle each side of the rib roast with the salt and crackled black pepper, and massage in these spices.

  5. Preheat heavy cast iron frying pan to a very high temperature and brush it with cooking oil, or melt slice of beef fat. Cook rib roast on each site for about two minutes, until the surface of the meat turns almost overcooked, but not burned yet. It is very important to do this to start mallard reaction to make meaty flavour to the roast beef. Also, this step is very important to sterilize the surface of the meat from any bacteria.

    Place fried chunk of meat into a oven preheated to 55 ° C. Roast beef for 24 hours at 55 °, C.

  6. Remove bones and slice roast beef to a required portion size and serve. On the main picture you can find the rare cooked roast beef served with vegetables, chips or boiled rice and pepper sauce.

tips and tricks

  • Use rib eye cap for slow cooking dishes.
  • The most difficult step of this cooking is to find the oven, which can handle 55 ° C.
  • During cooking, meat will produce some meat juice, which can be collected and used for making sauce for this meat. (Simplest idea: shallot onion, brandy, meat juice, and double cream with crackled peppercorns, slightly reduced on pan).
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