How to grill flounder

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How to grill flounder
Cooking fish directly on the grilling mesh is difficult, but this style of cooking is applied in the best fish restaurants around the world. It is very important to have proper cast iron porcelainized grill with flat surface and decent size holes between the bars. Also cooking of the fish on the grill without fish basket requires to have very convenient spatulas for fish handling. Flounder cooked on the grill, is an amazing fish, which can be consumed hot, or cold.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • Flounders, one per portion.
    • Sea salt flakes
    • Aromatic olive oil for basting.

  2. It is very easy to describe, hoe to grill flounder, but it is not very easy to do it, it require some practice.

    Prepare charcoal grill with medium-hot charcoal. Oil the grill with aromatic oil (the silicone brush is very convenient for doing for this). Oil one side of the fish.

  3. Sprinkle oiled side of the flounder with sea salt flakes.

  4. Place fish on the grill, salted and oiled side down. Immediately brush top side of the fish with oil. If some oil drips down, it can catch fire, but the fire should disappeared very quickly.

  5. Sprinkle top side of the flounder with sea salt flakes.

  6. When the fish is half way cooked, turn it and cook on other side until done. Do not overcook.

    Serve with rocket salad and lemon slices.

tips and tricks

  • After placing fish on the grill, or after turning it, immediately lift a bit tail, anal and back fins with spatula. These fins should cooked few seconds without touching grill – this is a good precaution of loosing them during cooking.
  • Taping knifes are very convinient as a spatulas for cooking, because you can find most suitable size for any particular fishes.
  • This technology of grilling can be applied to any flat fishes, from small dabs to huge halibut.
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