How to grill razor shells

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How to grill razor shells
The razor shell (also known as razor fish or razor clam) is very common for sandy beaches in Northern Europe and they was where popular in Vikings tables. Unfortunately these clams are not well known in any European cuisine. Sweet taste, soft texture and convenient size of razor shells make them unbeatable for starters and appetizers.

This recipe will consist from two major parts: aromatic steaming and grilling.

step-by-step instructions

  1. As usually, at the beginning, we should prepare all ingredients for grilling.
    • Half dozen of alive razor shells. You can find them in large Chinese stores or sometimes very large fishmongers sale them as well.
    • Ingredients for steaming:
      • 150 ml of red wine. Many chefs advise to use white wine, but red will give very interesting taste as well.
      • 20-30 ml of non brewed white vinegar.
      • Table spoon of dried coriander or one medium bunch of fresh chopped coriander.
    • Ingredients for grilling:
      • 50 gm butter, as usual, I've prefer to use unsalted.
      • 3-4 garlic cloves
      • 1 tsp of saffron. I know that saffron is very difficult to find in Europe, so you can omit this it.
      • 1 tbsp of bread crump.
      • 1 tsp sesame seeds.
      • 1 small bunch of green herbs, like coriander or thyme
      • Lemon juice from half lemon.

  2. Wash razor shells very long and carefully. They spend all they life in sand and this sand can ruin any dish.

  3. Place red wine into the wok or very deep pan.

  4. Add vinegar to wine.

  5. Put first part of coriander to the mixture of wine and vinegar.

  6. Start to boil this mixture.

  7. When it start to boil, place razor shells and simmer them for 15 min.

  8. Remove razor shells from wine and chill them down. Meat will be very easy drop off the shells, but please be careful, to not break shells, they will be used later as a plates.

  9. Place all grilling ingredients, except lemon, into small pan and start to worm them up very slowly.

  10. Separate razor fish body from shells. This will be very easy.

  11. Clean razor shell meat form all organs, and leave only pure meat.

  12. Chop meat into small pieces.

  13. At this time butter with bread crump, sesame seeds and spices will boiled for few minutes.

  14. Place razor shells on foils and fill them with chopped razor meat.

  15. Put hot butter on top of shells. Try to spread it very evenly.

  16. Drizzle lemon juice on top of these shells.

  17. Place the tray with razor shells on grill and gill it for 7 minutes. Very strong grill fire can burn bread crump, so check it regularly.

  18. Serve it in shells. You also can decorate it with chopped coriander.

    But before making this complicated cooking, you can try to prepare simplest version of razor clams. Just watch our video about how to cook razor clams to understand basic technique of cooking of these lovely sea creatures.

tips and tricks

  • Touch alive razor shell, if it will not move – discard it, it is already dead.
  • Never use dead razor shells.
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