How to make spicy salted mackerel

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How to make spicy salted mackerel
Very interesting combination of taste for mackerel can be achieved by marinating mackerel in the mixture of cloves, allspice and a black pepper mixture. This spicy salted mackerel can be used as an ingredient for sandwiches or canape.

step-by-step instructions

  1. For two small mackerels you will need to have
    • Bay leaves, 5-6 leaves
    • Black pepper, ¼ tsp;
    • Allspice , ½ tsp;
    • Cloves, ¼ tsp;
    • Salt to taste (not shown). For two small mackerel, 1 tbsp of salt will well enough, but if you prefer to enjoy the pure taste of spices mackerel, you can even half this amount.

  2. Slightly crush all spices. Do not do the fine powder.

  3. Clean mackerel, and slice it in ½ inch thick bits.

  4. Place mackerel in a small class, or stainless still container. Each level of fish slices sprinkle with salt, crushed spices and bay leaves.

  5. On top of the fish, place some light weight and marinate in the fridge about 12 hours. When serving, it is very simple to clean this mackerel with two forks.

tips and tricks

  • Use only very fresh mackerel!
  • It is possible to use whole spices, without crushing them, but in this case you should take as twice as much of them, and increase the overall time of marinating.
  • It is possible to salt filleted mackerel, which makes the final cleaning procedure much simpler.
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