How to make Salted Cod Roe

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How to make Salted Cod Roe
Salted roe, sometimes called caviar (more strictly – caviar it the salted roe of sturgeons) is very delicious food. Salted roe is usually used for small sandwiches or canapes. You even can stuff sushi with this caviar. Unfortunately, salted roe will not stay for the long time without preservatives, and should be consumed within 3-4 days, but sometimes can be stored for longer time in the freezer. Basically, you need to have fresh Cod Roe, salt and water.

step-by-step instructions

  1. To make salted roe, you need to find fresh Cod Roe in the sop. This is more than difficult task. For example because it available for sail only in February. Secondly – it can only be sold by one bulky chunk, taken from one fish, which can be 1-2 kg in weight. For our cooking we have 1.7kg cod roe from Morrisons.

  2. Remove all tissues from the cod roe bag. Easiest way-just cut roe bag in the middle, and dig out all fish eggs from there.

  3. Place cleaned fish eggs into a big bowl, at least three times bigger than clean roe size.

  4. Prepare marinade. You should prepare at least 1 liter of marinade for each pound of roe. Put one bay leaf and one dried clove into marinade. Amount of salt is related with the final taste you want to have, please see table below for salt amount.
    • 40-50gr per liter. - Very tasty low salted caviar. Will stay 2-3 days in the fridge. Have strong fish aroma.
    • 70-80gr per liter. - Classical recipe, used for large scale, commercial roe salting. Can be kept 3-4 days in the fridge after preparation.
    • 110-130 gr per liter. Very strongly salted caviar. Can stay up to one week in the fridge. The fish taste is almost hidden.
    Boil the marinade and chill it down to 90 degree Centigrade - virtually give 5 minutes to rest after boiling.

  5. Mix hot marinade with Cod roe and stir well with spoon. Left roe for 3-4 hours in marinade to chill it down.

  6. With very fine mesh discard all the liquid from the marinated roe.

  7. Place dried roe into the bowl or deep plate and add few spoons of vegetable oil and mix well.

  8. At this step you can consume it straight away, or place into fridge.

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