How to grill lamb chops

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How to grill lamb chops
Lamb chops is probably the best lamb cut, which can be cooked by many different ways. In this article I will tell you the simplest way how to grill lamb chops on grill with very basic marinade, traditionally used in Central Asia. For this grilling, you can chouse very fatty lamb chops – more fat you have at the beginning, more tasty dish you will have at the end. It is not nesessay to eat all the fat at the end, you can leave it., but never trimm fat before cooking!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. It is impossible to tell, how many lamb chops you can eat, but approximately, I do count 2 lamb chops for one portion meal.
    • Thick lamb chops. About 1½-2 inch (4-5 cm) thick.
    • Two medium onions.
    • Spices
      • Cumin (zira) 1tsp
      • Black or mixed peppercorn 1tsp
      • Salt, 1tsp

  2. Ground all spices together with salt and cover meat with this seasonings.

  3. Grate onion, add a bit of salt and press it to release some juice. Seasoned lamb chops should stay covered with grated onion fro about 1 hour.

  4. Put meat on metal skewers, as shown on the piclure. Remove all onion from the meat surface, otherwise it will burns diring cooking.

  5. Grill lamb chops on medium-hot grill constanly turing, until it will be ready. Do not cook for longer than two min on one side at once.

  6. Serve with some green leaves and sweet onion seasoned with sumach.

tips and tricks

  • Add 1 tsp of coriander seeds to the meat as well to enhance it flavours.
  • You can use skewer or cooking tongs and mesh to handle meat during cooking, choose what is more convenient for you.
  • If you not sure, check the meat doneness with thermometer, and I do recommend to cook, until the meat temperature will be 55-60 ° C (medium-rare doneness).
  • This instructions of how to grill lamb chops ae very basic, and you can introduce your own modifications and variations!
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