How to make saltimbocca

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How to make saltimbocca
Saltimbocca is a classical Italian veal steak fried in wine with prosciutto and sage, and this combination is a tradition, but it is possible to make small variations in the main meat used for this dish. In this recipe I will show you, How to make saltimbocca with oyster-blade steak. Actually, it is possible to cook saltimbocca with any tender, quick-frying, lean meat, but it is more important to choose the right wine for frying.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for three portions.
    • Lean, quick frying steak, like oyster-blade steak, or rump, or top-rump etc., three steaks.
    • Prosciutto ham. Three slices.
    • Sage, few leaves.
    • Butter, 50-75gm.
    • Flour, 1 tbsp
    • Salt, pepper, to taste.
    • Marsala wine, for example, Curatolo Dry Marsala Superiore wine, will be perfectly suitable, 100-150 ml.

  2. Slightly pound the steak with a meat mallet, to make them a bin more tender and uniformly flat.

  3. From one side sprinkle with ground black pepper, cover with parma ham and place sage leaf. Stick this construction together with wooden stick.

  4. Melt the butter in the medium-hot frying pan. Deep one side of the steak into the flour. Fry steaks on the ham and sage side for two minutes. Turn steaks and fry them for one minute.

  5. Add wine to the frying pan and cook few minutes, until the wine halves and alcohol evaporates. Remove steaks and deglaze pan if necessary with sauce and thicken this sauce if nesessary.

  6. Serve saltimbocca steaks covered with the sauce.

tips and tricks

  • It is possible to wrap steak completely in parma ham and omit the dusting with flour.
  • This is the basic recipe how to cook saltimbocca, but it is possible to make plenty minor variations.
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