How to make Bullet tuna wrapper in bacon barbecue

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How to make Bullet tuna wrapper in bacon barbecue
Bullet tuna during cooking should be accompanied with other ingredients, which can improve it sour taste. From my personal point of view, bacon can be well matched with the taste of this bullet tuna. In this recipe, we will make tuna wrapper in bacon and we will cooked on charcoal barbecue. Unfortunately, the taste of this fish is not great enough, but this is the only our hope to make it a bit better.

step-by-step instructions

  1. To make Bullet tuna wrapper in bacon, we will need tuna fish and bacon. Also we can add some garlic, black pepper and probably salt. Usually, the bacon itself is quite salty, and the sour meat of tuna do not require too much salt, so please salt very carefully, or do not salt at all!

  2. Remove tail and head with fins. Do all the fish preparation with partially defrosted fish, it will mae all manipulations much easier.

  3. Slice whole tuna body along the central spine bone and remove central slice with spinal bone. Discard all the stomach content.

  4. In this recipe we only need to have large chunky bit of meat, so the stomach area we will discard for other usage. Remove thin dark slice with bones, known as horizontal septum with lateral line, the part between Upper and Ventral masses.

  5. Remove skin from the fish fillet. Now you should have four roundish fillets of tuna. Chop them into a bacon size chunks.

  6. Sprinkle these bits with black pepper, pressed garlic and probably salt. The amount of salt is related with the bacon saltiness. Some bacons are very salted and it is not necessary to add any salt to the fish.

  7. Wrap fish meat into a bacon and fasten with bamboo cocktail sticks.

  8. Prepare charcoal grill, and cook at not very high temperature, when the charcoals are covered with thick layer of ashes. The distance between fish and charcoal should be at least 15 cm. Cook on each side, until the bacon is browned.

  9. Serve!!!

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