How to boil crabs

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How to boil crabs
Many fishmongers have a live crabs for sale. These crabs are much better than already cooked, because they are definitely fresh, and also, you can add many interesting flavours during cooking. In this recipe I will show the simplest technique of boiling crabs, which used by many fishmongers.

step-by-step instructions

  1. For simple crab boiling, we need to have:
    • Fresh, live crabs. I think it is obvious.
    • Large stockpot, suitable to fit all crabs.
    • Salt. Take two headed teaspoons of salt per each litre of water.

  2. Bring water to boil. Place all crabs into a pot and boil under the lid.

  3. Boil crabs until they start floating and then boil for 5 more minutes. In total it will take about 25-30 minutes to boil them.

  4. Remove crabs from the water and chill them to the room temperature. Keep them in the fridge, or freeze them (not recommended).

  5. To open crab, make the small cut between back of the shell and the main body. Open the crab.

  6. Crab is ready to be served.

tips and tricks

  • You can freeze boiled crab for the future use, but the taste and the texture of the crab meat will be seriously ruined by the ice crystals, and I do not recommend to do this.
  • Use very fresh, live crabs, they should move.
  • Pay attention to the live crabs claws, they can seriously bite.
  • When yo open the crab, check, that it is dry inside. If it is liquid inside, or have plenty of liquid, then it is not fresh, and you should discard it.
  • To open claws, hit them with the back side of the heavy knife, they will cracks.
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