How to make sous-vide swordfish steaks

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How to make sous-vide swordfish steaks
Many fishes, like marlin, swordfish, tuna, etc., have very tasty and tender flesh, but during the thermal cooking, meat turns into a very dry substance. This problem can be solved by two ways, either do not do any thermal treatment to the fish, or use very exact temperature for cooking this fish. Frying swordfish steaks requires to keep temperature inside the steak not higher than 50 ° C, but make nice thin layer of well cooked meat on the surface. This is very difficult to do with traditional frying skillet, but much easier with sous-vide technique. In this recipe I will give the simplest way to sous-vide the swordfish steak.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for one steak.
    • Swordfish steak, packed into sous-vide vacuum pack. Steak should be at least one inch thick, but can be much thicker. Ideally, to pack swordfish steaks into vacuum packs with some aromatic butter, but some fishmongers have already repacked steaks without any extras.
    • Clarified butter, 1 tbsp. Olive oil will do as well.
    • Small bunch of fresh herbs, for example a mixture of parsley, thyme and dill.
    • Lemon for juice.
    • Salt and pepper for seasoning.

  2. Place steak into a sous-vide heater.

  3. Cook it 40-50 minutes at the temperature, equal 50 ° C. This is a very important to keep this temperature very accurate. If the temperature hits 55 °C, the meat turns dry. At 45 ° C, the meat will not be cooked yet.

  4. Remove steak from the plastic package. Clean it from the juice and blood. Season with milled salt and pepper and squeeze some lemon juice on each side.

  5. In a non-sticking frying pan, melt the clarified butter, and add the herbs. Melted oil and butter is the best extractor for aromatic oils from herbs.

  6. Use high heat. When the frying pan will be preheated, place steak on one side and fry for one minute. Yes, exactly one minute, do not fry more!

  7. Turns the steak and fry for one more minute. During the middle of cooking it is possible to switch off the heat, the accumulated temperature from the frying pan, even from the thin aluminium one will be enough to cook steak. Remove swordfish steak from the pan and serve.

tips and tricks

  • It is very important to keep exact temperature during sous-vide process.
  • Use olive oil instead clarified butter, if you do not have one.
  • Do not cook on butter, because it will burns.
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