How to foil-bake trout with lemon soy sauce butter on grill

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How to foil-bake trout with lemon soy sauce butter on grill
Fish, wrapped in foil do not loose any aroma and juices during cooking. Also, the steam from cooking make the fish extremely tender. The fish prepared by this recipe is perfect when it is hot, but this fish is also very tasty when it is cold, so there is no point to warm it up later.

step-by-step instructions

  1. For one good portion you should take one good sized fresh trout.
    • Fresh trout, one per portion.
    • Unsalted butter. About 100 gm.
    • Lemon, one fruit. In fact half lemon will be enough
    • Natural rock salt.
    • Soy sauce, 50 ml

  2. Descale fish by scrapping the body with not very sharp knife. Running water will helps to clean fish faster.

  3. Clean the fish stomach and remove gills. Pay extra attention to remove black kidneys from the cavities near the spinal bone.

  4. Sprinkle fish body and all the cavities with the large rock salt and leave for 30 minutes at the room temperature. After half an hour, wipe out all salt and moisture from the fish body.

  5. Prepare the foil bag for the fish. Take at least two layers of foil. Place butter slices on to the foil. Cover butter slices with lemon slices. Place fish on top of the lemons. Place lemon slices on top of the fish. Cover with butter slices. Add soy sauce.

  6. Close the bag and seal it properly, but make one tiny little part of the seam, which is not sealed very tightly – this will be used for escaping of the extra steam pressure during cooking, or otherwise the whole bag can explode.

  7. Preheat grill to medium hot, basically charcoal should covers by white ashes. Place te foil bag with with on the cooking grate about 4-5 inches away from the charcoal.

  8. After 6 minutes of cooking, the bag should be very pressurised inside and the bubbling frying sound should be very noticeable. Turn the bag on other side and cook for another 6 minutes. The steam and melted butter should slowly escapes from the foil pouches.

  9. Serve and enjoy. At this point of time, lemons can be used only for decoration, because they lost all taste and flavours during cooking.

tips and tricks

  • This cooking required reasonably hot temperature, so it will not work in the oven. Top grill is not suitable as well, so only barbecue can do the job.
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