How to grill mackerel on charcoal

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How to grill mackerel on charcoal
Mackerel, grilled on charcoal, is one of the best mackerel you can possibly cook. To achieve such good results, you should follow all instructions, described here. This grilled mackerel can be served for any occasions, this is a perfect starter and perfect main dish.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Grilled mackerel requires minimal set of spices to preserve the natural taste of the fish.
    • Mackerels. Use medium to large fishes, 500-800 gr is the optimal, they are much fatter and juicier. It is very important to note, again and again, than mackerel is a very fragile fish. Defrosted mackerel will go off very quickly. Buy frozen one, if it is possible. Very often, fishmongers defrosts fishes before displaying – never buy this, ask for the fish from the freezer!!!
    • Rock salt.
    • Black, or mixed peppercorns
    • Garlic – one clove per fish
    • Rosemary – optional for grilling process
    • Lemon – optional for serving.

  2. Start to cut and clean fishes, when they are not defrosted completely and still keep they shape, but not so hard for the knife. Chop off tail and head. Pectoral fin should be chopped off with the head. Pelvic fins should stay in the main body.

  3. This is very important cut! Cut the back of the fish near dorsal fin up to stomach. Open the body.

  4. Cut the back of the fish from other side of the dorsal fin. The spine should be left in the thin central slice, which will be removed.

  5. Remove all the content of the stomach. Pay extra attention to remove black film from the stomach walls. Pull out all ribs.

  6. Press garlic, mill salt and peppercorns on the fish body. Leave fish at room temperature, until it defrosted and wormed up to a room temperature.

  7. Prepare charcoal grill for cooking. When the charcoal covers by white ashes, the grill is ready for cooking. Brush the cooking grate with oil just before cooking. Cooking grate should be about 4-5 inches away from the charcoals. Grill for about 2-3 minutes. Add some rosemary to the charcoal.

  8. Turn mackerel and grill for another 2-3 minutes.

tips and tricks

  • Cook only once on each side!
  • If the fishmonger have frozen mackerel – buy it frozen, not defrosted!
  • Brush cooking grate with oil before cooking!
  • During grilling, add some rosemary branches to the charcoal.
  • Do not overcook
  • Do not store fresh, cooked, or defrosted fish for more than few hours – lipids are quickly disintegrates over a time and the taste will be spoiled
  • Do not wash mackerel in the tap water, if it is necessary, clean the fish with paper-towel.
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