How to quickly marinate oyster mushrooms

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How to quickly marinate oyster mushrooms
Usually, marinating is used for the long time food preserving. Also marinating change the taste of the food by adding the vinegar character. This recipe will show, how to marinate oyster mushrooms not for a long storing, but only for making a lovely taste of marinated mushrooms. It is not recommended to store these mushrooms for more than one month, even in the fridge.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients
    • Oyster mushrooms, 2kg. Preferably to use small mushrooms - they are much tender.
    • Large dill with inflorescences, preferably already with seeds, but not flowers. 5-8 stems. For this recipe it is not very important to have them dried, but for many marinating and salting techniques, dill should be dried.
    • Garlic 1 bulb. This is an option. During marinating, garlic can turns blue, which is not very presentable
    • Spices
      • Black pepper corns. 1 tsp
      • Cloves, 1 tsp
      • Allspice corns, 1 tsp
    • Salt, 6 tbsp
    • Sugar, 2 tbsp
    • Non-brewed vinegar. 3 tbsp of 9% vinegar, or 7 tbsp of 4%

  2. Carefully wash mushrooms. Chop off long, hard stems. Cut large mushrooms into few pieces.

  3. Place all mushrooms wit herbs and spices into a 6 litres of water in a large sauce pot. Bring water with mushrooms to boil.

  4. Add salt, sugar and bring to boil.

  5. Add vinegar and boil for 30 minutes. Check salt occasionally. The brine should be a little bit over-salted.

  6. Pack mushrooms with herbs into a large jars and cover with hot brine. Close the jar with non-hermetic lid. When the jar will be chilled to the room temperature, store it in the fridge. It is possible to use these mushrooms after two days, but not longer than one month.

tips and tricks

  • Serve mushrooms drained from the brine, with extra olive or vegetable oil and chopped green onion, fresh dill and other herbs.
  • This type of marinated mushrooms can be stored in the fridge for quite long time, but personally, we do not recommend to exceed one month.
  • Use extra care for washing mushrooms! Badly washed mushrooms can develop some infections during marinating.
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