How to grill lobsters, three marinades

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How to grill lobsters, three marinades
There are many different ways to cook lobsters, but the grilling will give the best results. Unfortunately, the simple grilling of the whole lobster without any spices will not be as taste as it should be. The only lobster's claws have plenty of taste to be cooked without anything. In this recipe we will give three different flavouring mixture for lobster grilling.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Butter with herbs

    1. Ingredients are simple:
      • Salted butter, 125 gr.
      • Parsley, one bunch
      • Dill, one bunch
      • Milled white pepper, 1/4 tsp. It is possible to use black pepper as well.

    2. Chop well all herbs. Remove all hard bits from the chopped herbs.
    3. Carefully mix butter with herbs and white pepper. Warm up the butter to room temperature before mixing. If you prefer, you can add a drop of salt to the butter.

  2. Hot aromatic olive oil

    1. Ingredients.
      • High quality extra virgin olive oil, 100 ml.
      • Hot chilli, one fruit.
      • Garlic, half bulb.
      • Ginger, 50-70 gr
      • Basil, small bunch
      • Thyme, small bunch

    2. Chop peeled ginger. Place ginger into an olive oil and start warm it up. When the ginger starts to boil, remove pan from heat.
    3. Place coarsely diced garlic, chilli and herbs. Leave oil until it chills to room temperature. This is very important to do not boil oil with garlic, because all the aroma will gone.
    4. Filter oil from all hard bits. Now, this olive oil contains all the aroma from herbs and spices. Do not salt this oil, because salt is not soluble in the oil and salt should be added during further cooking.

  3. Chinese style hot marinade

    1. Ingredients for Chinese marinade
      • Soy sauce, preferably Kikkoman. 50 ml
      • Teriyaki sauce. 1-2 tbsp.
      • Toasted sesame oil, 1 tbsp.
      • Garlic, half bulb.
      • Hot chilli, 2 average sized fruits.

    2. Preparation is very simple. Just chop everything very finely, and mix with sauces. Soy sauce will give all necessary salt.

  4. Use fresh, preferably alive lobsters. Use 0,5-0,8 kg lobsters. It is important to have very sharp, thick heavy knife to prepare this lobsters.

  5. Slice lobster alongside into two halves, starts from the head. When the head is perforated with the knife, lobster will die immediately, but muscles will still reacts to cutting.

  6. De-vain lobster body, especially, near the tail. Carefully wash the head.

  7. Crack lobster's claws. The easiest way to do this, is heating them by back side of the knife. Disconnect claws from the body by powerful spinning.

  8. Prepare charcoal grill for grilling. When the charcoal will covered by white ashes, you can start to cook. Cook lobster claws on each side, until the boiling juice and steam starts to escape from the cracks. Some parts of the shell can turns black, this is normal. Be careful, during cooking, the claws can bends and jump away from the grill.

  9. Lobster in butter with herbs: Fill the half-shell of the lobster with salted butter with herbs. Make a good hill with the butter. Place lobster's half, shell down on the grill and wait until the butter melts down, the juice starts to boil and the top part of the meat turns white. The lobster is ready.

  10. Lobster with hot aromatic oil: Salt the lobster meat to the taste, basically, just few pinches of salt will be enough. Fill all the free space in the lobster shell with the aromatic olive oil. Grill the lobster shell down until the top of the meat will turns white and became ready.

  11. Lobster with hot Chinese marinade: Fill the lobster shell with Chinese marinade with chopped garlic and chilli. Cook the lobster shell down on the grill, until the sauce and juice inside the shell starts to boil and the top of the meat cooked to the white colour.

tips and tricks

  • Some parts of the lobster's shell can turns black during cooking.
  • The distance from the charcoal to the cooking mesh should be about 10-15 cm.
  • Charcoal is ready for lobster cooking, when all the surfaces of charcoal will cover by thin layer of white ash.
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