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  • How to cook summer shchiHow to cook summer shchi
    Summer shchi is a traditional cabbage soup that is very popular in Russia and other nearby countries. There exists two main types of Russian cabbage ...

  • How to make Tom Yum KungHow to make Tom Yum Kung
    Tom yum kung, or tom yum goong, is a shrimp/prawn version of tom yum soup, one of the most well known soup from Thailand cuisine. This soup is a ...

  • How to make hundred soups at onceHow to make hundred soups at once
    One of the problem in large family – everybody want to eat something different. It is almost impossible to cook soup, which will satisfy everybody. ...

  • How to make yellow peas soupHow to make yellow peas soup
    Yellow peas is very rich in fibres and proteins. It can be used in many different dishes, but this dish as made solely with yellow peas, and meat ...

  • How to make Japanese seafood soup with enokiHow to make Japanese seafood soup with enoki
    This soup is from “must have” range for any oriental style restaurants. Sweet enoki, or enokitake, with seafood make very distinctive taste. Very ...

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