sea bass

Sea Bass is a fish species mostly found in North Atlantic Ocean. It is very popular in Europe and America due to its distinct, sweet and delicious flavor. The fish can be cooked using a large number of recipes. It is sold either as a whole or in the form of prepared fillets. It can be considered as the next best alternative to cod fish. Most kinds of this fish have very thick scales on their body that are removed before marinating. The meat is so delicate and that only a little heat is required to cook it completely.

Sea Bass Species

Various sea bass species can be found all across the world. Two kinds of sea bass are extensively found on the Eastern and Pacific coasts of the United States. Pink maomao, Butterfly perch and Redbanded perch are also belong to the sea bass family, found mostly in Australia and New Zealand. These fish are also found in some areas of the Indian Ocean. Japanese make extensive use of fish in their diet. The Japanese seaperch is a kind of sea bass used in several Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

Sea Bass Farming

The Mediterranean hosts large scale farming of sea bass. Its farming can be carried out all around the year under specific conditions. However, if you are interested in wild sea bass, only then the best season for fishing is from August to March. Due to the increased fishing of wild sea bass, the population of the species is threatened in certain areas. That is why only a particular amount of this fish is allowed to be caught legally.

Sea Bass Recipes

Loads of recipes are available to cook a sea bass. It can be cooked either with, or without bones. A sea bass, prepared with bones is tastier though. However, the hassle of removing bones from a cooked sea bass is not always liked by everyone, so you may want to debone the fish before cooking. Sea bass can be prepared in many forms including, barbecued, grilled, fried and steam-roasted. You may like to remove the skin altogether or may prefer to merely scale the fish before cooking it. Sea bass has a great combination with lemon. Lemon sea bass with soya bean mash creates a great taste. Similarly, Bay barbecued sea bass with lemon is a very short recipe that enhances the flavor of the fish. Grilled sea bass served with a crab and prawn sauce is a very impressive addition to the menu at a dinner party.
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