Numerous species of the pelagic fish are called mackerels which belong to the Scombridae family. Their main habitat is the coasts of tropical as well as temperate seas. Mackerels can be identified by the stripes on their backs and their forked tails.

Large sea animals, including mackerels that are big in size, attack the smaller mackerels to feed on them. Whales, sharks, sea birds and other large fish, like tuna, sense the presence of mackerels and follow them to carefully attack and catch them as their prey.

Mackerels are rich in omega 3 oils. They are caught by fishermen who, then, supply these to factories where the oils may be extracted. In 2009, five million tons of these fish were caught for commercial purposes in the US. . Species of Mackerels

There are more than thirty kinds of mackerel species. Some of the different mackerel species are known as Atlantic mackerel, Butterfly kingfish, Chub mackerel, Double-lined mackerel, Indian mackerel, Indo-Pacific king mackerel and Shark mackerel. Mackerel Activity

Different stocks of mackerels live in different regions of the sea. Separate mackerel populations form their own stocks and move together to carry out their various activities, such as, looking for food. They migrate to spawning grounds where they lay eggs. After the activity of spawning is over, they move back to feeding grounds. They migrate to the deep-water regions during winters, where they spend the season in a state of relative inactivity.

True Mackerels

Almost twenty-one species of mackerels can be identified as true mackerels which belong to the Scrombridae family. True mackerels are the species known as Atlantic mackerels. It has recently been discovered that the species known as Atlantic chub mackerels and Indo Pacific chub mackerels can be counted as a sub-species of true mackerels.

Other Mackerels

Apart from true mackerels, other species which possess more or less the same traits as mackerels also exist. They belong to the Gempylidae, Carangidae as well as the Hexagrammidae families. For a long time, the Pacific Jack Mackerels had been confused with Chilean Jack Mackerels. However, now, they have been differentiated and recognised as a distinct species.
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