windows registry

Not known to all computer users, windows registry plays a vital role in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The basic role of windows registry is to configure your operating system. The installation of an application or software in the computer needs certain values- a string of numbers and alphabets forming the product key- to be entered in the windows registry. It is a database in a computer system which stores all the relevant information, pertaining to hardware and software.

The values, making up the respective product keys, stored in the registry stack up when several applications are installed and uninstalled over a period of time. This happens because many applications do not remove their keys from the registry when they are uninstalled. This makes the windows registry jumbled up with a lot of broken data which is not of any use. Each use of the computer system increases the registry “clutter” and constantly changes it. This leads the system to an eventual crawling state.

A clean windows registry has many benefits. Some of the major ones are mentioned below.
  • Windows Registry Improves Performance
    Most of the computer resources are spent in reading the broken registry values. A clean registry will optimise the performance of your PC both offline and on the web.
  • Windows Registry Security
    System security and privacy is improved with a clean windows registry. Spyware and hacking software register values in the registry, just like any other installed software. Cleaning the registry helps removing these malicious software programs from your computer.
  • Windows Registry Crash Prevention
    If a PC keeps looking for broken values in the registry, it will eventually crash. Removing broken values from the registry helps preventing the computer from crashing.
  • Windows Registry Effects Internet Browsing
    Many websites are loaded with ActiveX and Java Applet which store values in the registry. A load of these values, plied up in the registry, slows down the browsing speed of the internet. Removing these unnecessary components from time to time helps in increasing the internet browsing speed.

Windows registry cleaner software is the best way to have a clean registry all the time. A good registry cleaner cleans the keys and values in the registry at the start up, resulting in speedy windows start up. All the windows errors related to the registry are fixed easily with a registry cleaner. Almost all registry cleaners come with the feature of scheduling. So, no more extra effort is needed to manually clean the registry, once, a cleaner is installed on the PC. Many types of paid registry cleaner software have a live support option. Just put your question/problem in their live support menu, and you will get an immediate response explaining the corrective measures to be taken.
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