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Uzbek cuisine is characterized by various forms of breads which form an integral part of Uzbek meals. The food is influenced by many different cultures, as well as, by local cultivation. Since, grains are widely grown in the country, dishes made of wheat and rice are commonly found in Uzbek cuisine. Due to its geographical position, the climatic conditions in Uzbekistan are quite favorable and, as a result, different forms of vegetables and fruits are grown in this country.

About Uzbek Cuisine

As stated earlier, as Uzbek land produces a lot of grains, different types of breads form an integral part of the country's cuisine; there is no concept of having a meal without them. The conventional bread is a "tandoori nan" - a flat, round bread. With modernization, other forms of innovative breads have also been introduced, including, stuffed vegetable breads and flavored breads. In addition to breads, noodles are also quite famous in Uzbek cuisine.

The main course dish of the Uzbek cuisine is pilau, which is cooked with rice, meat, a lot of spices and dried fruits. Interestingly, it is often cooked by men.

Routine Meals in Uzbek Cuisine

Usually, as starters, raisins and nuts are served for routine meals. Then, as second course meals, soups and different types of salads are eaten. The main course dishes include flavored meat and pilau. Dumplings of mutton, pumpkins, kebabs and minced meat are some of the other popular dishes. People in Uzbekistan are very fond of eating and no meal is complete without having at least one meat dish.

Dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheese are also eaten and used in recipes as important ingredients. Apart from using dairy products, various types of spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables are also used.

After every meal, green tea is served. It is the national drink of the country and is considered healthy too. It is usually consumed without sugar and milk. Green tea is also consumed throughout the day along with light snacks. The national tea is also a symbol of hospitality.

Eating manners form an important part of the Uzbek cuisine. People are very serious about table manners. Meals are usually served on low tables or "dusterkhons".

Celebrations with Uzbek Cuisine

No Uzbek parties are complete without food. People are quite fond of celebrations and most of the time, celebrations revolve around large meals. Vodka, wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks are also served on parties.

Uzbek cuisine consists of lavish courses full of meat, fruits, fish, spices and herbs.
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