french cuisine

French cuisine has a history of evolution spread over centuries. Chefs from the middle ages, like Taillevent, are responsible for the birth of exquisite French food in the history. Chefs like La Varenne, from the seventeenth century, have authored many French cookbooks which were very famous among food enthusiasts. They introduced the term “haute cuisine” for French food dishes. French cuisine is almost as famous in the world as French fashion is. French people are, in general, known to be expert cooks.

French Cuisine Journey to Fame

The French revolution - where it was a period of radical political change in France, it was also a period where French cuisine experienced a large-scale worldwide expansion and, ultimately, became popular in every food festival. Chefs of Napoleon Bonaparte, specially Marie-Antoine Careme and Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, are world famous for their cooking expertise, as well as, for introducing a variety to food. French bread became popular during this time. Now, it is probably the single most widely consumed item in France.

French Cuisine Culture

In the French culture, a variety of beverages and drinks are used before and after meals. Beverages used before meals are called aperitifs. Digestifs is the name given to those beverages which are consumed after meals. French people understand the wonderfully high standards of their cuisine and are, therefore, proud of it.

French Cuisine Regional Variety

France can be divided into four regions based on the variety of its food characteristics. Many types of sauces and gravies are used in most of France, whereas, the north-western region of France is well known for the extensive use of fruits, creams and milk in its food. There are some areas in France, most notably south-eastern France, where food shares a similarity with the German cuisine. This is due to World War II that brought many cultures together.

Nouvelle Cuisine is the recent name given to French cuisine. It is a special variety of the French cuisine, characterised by relatively shorter cooking time with very attractive and decorative presentations. This is the type of French cuisine which is mostly served in French Restaurants in the present day. This cuisine became popular after the 1950s. On the other hand, a more common cuisine is the Cuisine de Terroir. It tends to merge all the different varieties of cuisine from all across France.

Wine in French Cuisine

Wine has a very special prominence in French Cuisine. No matter whichever part of France you visit, you will find wine to be the main source of refreshment. It also serves as a basic ingredient in many types of meals. French people are traditionally very fond of wine and consume it on daily basis.
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