rib of beef

  • How to cook rare roast beefHow to cook rare roast beef
    Roasted beef is a traditional food in many countries. There are many different ways to cook good roast beef and in this recipe I will show, how to ...

  • How to fry extra thick rib eye steakHow to fry extra thick rib eye steak
    The most beautiful steaks are usually cooked from the thick cuts. These steaks usually include all ranges of meat doneness, from well-done on the ...

  • How to make thick rib joint steakHow to make thick rib joint steak
    Beef bone in rib joint is usually used for making roast beef, but because the main part of this steak, the central muscle is the rib-eye part, it is ...

  • How to make Rib of Beef SteakHow to make Rib of Beef Steak
    Rib of Beef steak is very similar to Rib-eye steak, but the thickness is related with the bone thickness. The optimal thickness for steak is between ...

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