Mayonnaise is a common household product and almost everyone has some in their kitchens. One would be surprised to know that this simple food item is part of culinary history, most likely originating in the mid 1700s! There is debate about where mayonnaise came from, primarily attributed to the Spanish, the French, the Mediterranean and even some English folk, depending on what source you pursue.

For the most part, how Mayonnaise came about is not very important. The vital thing is how big a role this simple emulsified mix of oil, egg yolk, and vinegar or lemon juice plays in dining around the world.

Making Mayonnaise

The recipe for mayonnaise varies very little in the world over. There are slight differences like the addition of mustard in French versions and the usage of olive oil, in particular, in the Spanish and Italian variations. Other than that, mostly it is the process that proves to be tricky as it requires practice to get the egg yolk and oil to reach that stabilized emulsion. Into this, one can add vinegar, lemon juice, herbs and spices. Sometimes, the whole egg, including the egg white is used. The ingredients are whisked and an expert can always recognize when the mixture is ready.

Mayonnaise Uses

This lovely sauce is surprisingly versatile. In Europe, it is served with French Fries, Pomme Frites or chips as a dipping sauce. It also accompanies cold roasts, particularly chicken, and hard boiled eggs. Mayonnaise is also commonly used by itself as salad dressing or mixed with other ingredients before being added to vegetables like Ranch and Thousand Island dressings. The most obvious use of this sauce is in burgers and sandwiches. More common in the second, this tradition goes back quite far in United States. In Asia, particularly Japan, mayonnaise is served with some traditional foods as well, making them just a little more different and modern for today’s consumption. Here, it is sometimes mixed with Soya Sauce or even used as an alternative aid to cooking instead of oil and butter.

Finally, it should come as no surprise that mayonnaise is also used to make other sauces in turn. These include: Fry sauce, Mary Rose sauce, Salsa golf, Tartar sauce and Rouille.

Mayonnaise Significance

We can safely say that without mayonnaise, food would not be the same. It is such a big part of the dining experience by now that it’s hard to imagine going to a burger joint and not finding some for your consumption. Mayonnaise is and will most likely always be, one of the world’s favorite condiments.
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