fillet steak

  • How to cook fillet steakHow to cook fillet steak
    Fillet steak is the most tender and most expensive cut of beef. Many restaurants serve this steak as a best from their menu. This stake should be ...

  • How to cook fillet tails with cognac Dijon cream sauceHow to cook fillet tails with cognac Dijon cream sauce
    Fillet steak, or tenderloin, is the most tender beef cut. To preserve this high quality of beef, it should be cooked either rare or rare to medium. ...

  • How to cook cheap chateaubriand steakHow to cook cheap chateaubriand steak
    Originally, chateaubriand steak was cooked from fillet steak (tenderloin in American classification). This recipe originated from the Louis XVIII ...

  • How to cook basturmaHow to cook basturma
    Basturma, also known as pastirma, is an air-dried, strongly seasoned beef. Basturma is a well known food in Turkey and Armenia. It is almost ...

  • How to cook Carpaccio with GorgonzolaHow to cook Carpaccio with Gorgonzola
    Carpaccio is a thin sliced raw meat, usually with very distinctive sauce. For the best taste you should use only the best meat. ...

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