maghreb cuisine

  • How to make monkfish Maghreb styleHow to make monkfish Maghreb style
    Monkfish tail can be cooked by many different ways, and if it is not overcooked, it will be perfect. In this article, I will show, how to make ...

  • How to make sweet onion saladHow to make sweet onion salad
    Sweet onion salad is a very simple dish, which can accompany any meat or vegetables. This salad is very easy to make, but it contains plenty of ...

  • How to clean cuttlefish by hot waterHow to clean cuttlefish by hot water
    One of the simplest way to clean Cephalopoda and cuttlefishes consists in the destruction of skin by hot water. This method is very convenient for ...

  • How to tie the blood-knotHow to tie the blood-knot
    To tie two lengths of gut together, there is no knot which can compare in any way with the blood-knot, of which we give an illustration. It would be ...

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