• How to cook lamb shanks with tomato and mustardHow to cook lamb shanks with tomato and mustard
    Slow cooked lamb shanks are always tender and juicy when cooked slowly for a long time, because of the very high content of connective tissues. The ...

  • How to make braised turkey wingsHow to make braised turkey wings
    Turkey wings are very rich in protein, but the meat can be quite tough. In this article, I will show, how to make braised turkey wings, to make them ...

  • How to braise lamb shank with quinceHow to braise lamb shank with quince
    Lamb shanks are full of connective sinews, which require long cooking in wet environment. Therefore shanks are perfect for braising, long, slow ...

  • How to make Osso BucoHow to make Osso Buco
    Osso Buco is a cross-cut shin beef with bone, slowly cooked, or braised with vegetables. This is modern Italian dish, firstly cooked about 150 years ...

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