• How to make sun-dried tomatoesHow to make sun-dried tomatoes
    Sun-dried tomatoes are tomatoes, that loose almost all their moisture during drying on the sun. It is possible to make almost the same tomatoes at ...

  • How to can bell peppersHow to can bell peppers
    Long time ago, when all vegetables where seasonal, canning was very important to preserve them over the long winter. Now, with the development of ...

  • How to quickly marinate oyster mushroomsHow to quickly marinate oyster mushrooms
    Usually, marinating is used for the long time food preserving. Also marinating change the taste of the food by adding the vinegar character. This ...

  • How to make pure rhubarb jamHow to make pure rhubarb jam
    Fresh overgrown rhubarb petioles are full of vitamins, tender and very tasty, but slightly sour and therefore not very suitable for raw eating. Most ...

  • How to make rhubarb and banano jamHow to make rhubarb and banano jam
    Late spring rhubarb start to grow very quickly and it is very tender, juice and full of vitamins. The best way to preserve this lovely grass is to ...

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