How to make pure rhubarb jam

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How to make pure rhubarb jam
Fresh overgrown rhubarb petioles are full of vitamins, tender and very tasty, but slightly sour and therefore not very suitable for raw eating. Most of all, rhubarb is suitable for making jams, jellies etc. This recipe will give you very simple way, how to make jam solely from rhubarb, which can be kept in the fridge for years without loosing any quality. Actually, to make a jam – it is very easy, but all the difficulties appears during canning.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • The overgrown rhubarb petioles, 1 kg.
    • Sugar, 1 kg.
    • Cinnamon, 1 stick
    • Mint, 1 sprig. (not shown on the picture)

  2. Peel rhubarb petioles from the skin. This is not very crucial step, and skin can be left untouched, as a result, the final jam will be with nice red notes.

  3. Chop rhubarb petioles into 1 cm bits. They will keep this shape in the final jam.

  4. Mix chopped rhubarb with sugar, cinnamon and mint and leave for 12 hours to melt sugar in the rhubarb juice.

  5. After 12 hours sugar should melts in the rhubarb juice.

  6. Bring rhubarb-sugar mixture to the boil and reduce heat immediately for simmering. Simmer for 7-8 minutes and remove from the heat. Transfer to appropriate jars or continue with canning.

tips and tricks

  • Can rhubarb jam to keep it fresh for whole year.
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