How to grill large mushrooms with cheese and garlic

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How to grill large mushrooms with cheese and garlic
This very simple and tasty dish, cooked with common ingredients can attract anybody by its taste and flavours. Any novice chef can do these grilled mushrooms in few minutes. It will be perfect for breakfast, for starter or for appetiser. Usually, one open cup mushroom is perfect as one portion.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Large open cup mushrooms.
    • Garlic, few cloves.
    • Grated cheese.
    • Salt

  2. Remove the mushroom stems to make more space for cheese.

  3. Place these mushroom cups on the foil. Grill them until they will be soft and the juice start to leak.

  4. Turn mushroom cups upside-down and sprinkle milled salt. Add a bit of pressed garlic, the amount of garlic should depends on your preferences, but usually, 1 clove is enough for two mushrooms.

  5. Top up each mushroom cup with grated cheese. Make reasonably big pile of grated cheese in each mushroom cup.

  6. Grill until the cheese will melts with nice brown crust. Serve.

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