How to grill small mushrooms with cheese

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How to grill small mushrooms with cheese
Mushrooms cheese and garlic – this is very beautiful mixture of tastes and flavours. This dish is ideally suitable as a starter, appetiser or as a full breakfast. Short cooking time and overall simplicity will make this dish suitable for novices.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Small closed cup mushrooms.
    • Garlic, few cloves.
    • Grated cheese.
    • Salt
    • Dill

  2. Remove the mushroom stems, and cut of small bit of the mushroom cup, to make make a cups.

  3. Place these mushroom cups on the foil and grill them until they will be soft and the juice start to leak from them.

  4. Turn mushroom cups upside-down and salt them. Add a bit of pressed garlic into the mushroom caps. Usually, one garlic clove will be enough to fill tree mushroom cups.

  5. Top up everything with grated cheese. Due to small size of mushrooms, it is very difficult and it is not necessary to do it neatly.

  6. Grill until the cheese will melts and the nice brown crust will develops. Sprinkle some chopped dill on top and serve.

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