How to make buttery paste with wild mushrooms

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How to make buttery paste with wild mushrooms
Many dishes can be improved by adding some mild but rich flavours. One of the way to do this, is to use a flavoured butter. Lets have a look to East European cuisine and infuse our butter with rich wild mushrooms taste and aroma. This butter will be ideal for some meat frying, grilling and barbecuing.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Dry wild mushrooms. 20 gm. It is possible to find them an many East European and some Asian stores.
    • Butter. 100 gm. Personally, I prefer to use unsalted butter and add salt during cooking.
    • Double cream, to achieve the required thickness

  2. Preheat non-stick pan and dry mushrooms, without any oil. It will be perfect, if the mushrooms will brown a bit. Stop frying mushrooms, when they start smoking.

  3. Mill or grind mushrooms into a powder.

  4. Use standard mixer to mix butter with mushroom powder. Do not use very high speed.

  5. Add to mixing process as much cream as necessary to achieve the spreadable thickness of this mixture. Mix everything well.

tips and tricks

  • It is possible to store prepared flavoured butter in the freezer as long as it necessary.
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