How to make raw scallop salad

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How to make raw scallop salad
Scallop's meat is very tasty and gentle, but all these lovely characteristics will be lost with thermal cooking. The best way to preserve this taste is to marinade scallops in the vegetable juice. This salad will be cooked from sliced scallops and therefore there is no point to use expensive king scallops, but it is better and cheaper to use queen scallops.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Queen scallops. 200 gm.
    • Tomatoes. 200 gm. Choose the sweetest, ripest tomatoes.
    • Half lemon.
    • One lime.
    • Coriander. One medium bunch.
    • Olive oil. 2-3 tbsp.
    • White wine vinegar. 1 tbsp.

  2. Peel tomatoes.

  3. Slice scallops across the grains into 2 mm slices.

  4. Squeeze lemon juice into scallops.

  5. Squeeze lime juice into scallops.

  6. Remove seeds and juice from tomatoes.

  7. Process in blender half of all coriander with half of all tomatoes with 1 tbsp of vinegar and 2 tbsp of olive oil.

  8. At the end of blender processing, you should receive this sort of paste.

  9. Finely chop rest of coriander and tomatoes.

  10. Mix marinated scallops with chopped coriander and tomatoes. Add 1tbsp of olive oil.

  11. Get rid out of the extra juice from the marinated scallops. Place the scallops meat on the serving platter.

  12. Cover the scallop meat with the coriander-tomato paste and serve.

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