How to use Waring Professional Hand Blender

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How to use Waring Professional Hand Blender
Waring Professional Hand Blender is a beautiful 800w hand blender, which can carry almost all blending job, required for small kitchens. The stainless steel jug and appliance will guaranty long life of this tool, but for the best results and long life of this hand blender, you should always follow this instruction.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Using the Waring Hand Blender Attachment

    To attach the blending shaft, align the motor housing with the blen ding attachment and turn the blending attachment anti-clockwise to secure into place.

  2. Plug into the mains.

  3. Place blending shaft into mixture to be blended, ensuring the anti-splash guard is submerged.

  4. With the speed dial set to minimum, press and hold the ON/OFF button.

  5. The hand blender will continue to run as long as the button is pressed in. Increase speed during blending as required.

  6. To turn hand blender off, release the ON/OFF button and the motor will stop.

  7. Unplug immediately after use.

  8. Use the variable speed control dial on top of the motor housing to increase the speed. For an extra burst of power, press the "Turbo" button on the front of the housing above the ON/OFF button.

  9. This blade mixes and stirs while adding only a minimum amount of air to your mixture. A gentle up-and-down motion is all you need to make the most flavourful, full-bodied liquid recipes. To avoid splashing liquid, never remove the hand blender from the liquid while in operation.

  10. Setting the Speed of Waring Hand Blender

    The variable speed dial at the top of this stick blender can be used to select the desired speed. Always start blending with a low speed and then turn the dial in a clockwise direction toward the"+" to increase the speed during processing.

  11. Maximum processing speed can be achieved by pressing the "Turbo" button. You may also use the "Turbo" button for instant, powerful pulses without having to alter the variable speed control dial.

  12. Hints and Tips of using Waring Hand Blender

    Liquid should come within 2.5cm of where the shaft attaches to the motor housing.

  13. When using with a non-stick cooking surface, be careful not to scratch the non-stick coating with the hand blender.

  14. Do not immerse motor housing in water or any other liquid.

  15. Cut most solid foods into 2.5cm (1 inch) cubes for easy blending.

  16. Pour liquid ingredients into the measuring jug first, unless recipe instructs otherwise.

  17. To avoid splashing, do not turn the hand blender on until the blade is beneath the surface of the mixture and do not pull the hand blender out of the mixture while appliance is running.

  18. Do not let hand blender stand in a hot pot on stove while not in use.

  19. Do not put fruit stones, bones or other hard material into the blending mixture, as these will damage the blades.

  20. Do not overfill the measuring jug. The level of mixture will rise when blending and can overflow.

  21. Adding liquids that are warm, not cold, speeds up blending solids with liquids.

  22. For recipes requesting ice, use crushed ice (not whole cubes) for best results.

  23. Using a gentle up-and-down motion is the best way to blend and incorporate ingredients uniformly.

  24. To make a soup creamy in texture, use the hand blender to puree the soup solids to the desired consistency using a gentle up-and-down motion in the saucepan. You can quickly change your soup into a thick and creamy blend.

  25. The hand blender is also suitable for frothing milk for a cappuccino or latte.

  26. Use the hand blender to smooth gravies and sauces.

  27. For best results when adding celery to a recipe, use a vegetable peeler to remove tough outer strings from the celery before blending.

  28. When beating egg whites use a very clean metal or glass bowl, never plastic.

  29. When beating heavy cream, if possible and time allows, use a chilled bowl and chill the attachment. The most suitable bowl for whipping cream is one that is deep with a rounded bottom.

  30. The hand blender should not be used to prepare dough.

tips and tricks

  • Carefully read all the instructions before using the appliance and keep in a safe place for future reference
  • Always follow these safety cautions when using this appliance to avoid personal injury or damage to the appliance. This appliance should be used only as described within this instruction book.
  • Polythene bags over the product or packaging may be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children. These bags are not toys.
  • Do not hold the button on for longer than 60 seconds at a time
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