How To Save and Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

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How To Save and Increase Your Laptop Battery Life
Battery life of your laptop will decrease gradually with use. However, there are certain things you can do to enhance battery life and to delay its draining so quickly.

Here are few steps you can take in order to save and increase your laptop battery life:

step-by-step instructions

  1. Put it to standby more—when you have to keep your system idle for a long time it is better to put it on the standby mode. To turn ‘on’ the standby mode, go to power options in the control panel and switch it to the standby.

  2. Stop system scan—if your system is scheduled for scanning you can stop that and move the schedule to some other time. Only scan when you can connect your laptop to power supply.

  3. Unplug USB—USB is the biggest battery eater. Unplug any external devices including card, Wi-fi, iPod and external speakers.

  4. Adjust brightness—LCD of laptop takes a lot of battery, so when you want to save the battery, turn its lights to minimum; adjust brightness to lowest you can tolerate.

  5. Close unwanted programs—there are many programs which keep on running in the background even you are not using them. You can shut them from taskbar or by hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL and closing unnecessary applications.

  6. Avoid sounds—to save battery mute the speakers and avoid using multimedia software.

  7. Cancel screensaver—switching off the screensaver themes will help enhance laptop battery.

  8. Hibernation—instead of switching to standby, it is better to switch to hibernating mode. In sleep mode, memory stays active which uses battery while hibernation shuts down the system completely keeping current stats saved.

  9. Keep the vents clean—if the laptop isn’t kept clean the air vents get blocked and laptop heats up quickly hence harming the battery life. Keep the laptop clean to allow unhindered air circulation.

  10. Keep it cool—leaving the laptop under sunlight or high temperature zone is sure to destroy the battery in long term.

  11. Charge only when battery is empty—partial charging or charging when there is still some battery left adversely effects the long term battery life. Only charge it when it is completely discharged and charge it fully. This is for old laptops only. The new laptop series has new technology intact. Every battery has certain charging cycles which when consumed, leave your battery dead. So, use your laptop on power supply only. For more details, check your vendor site and read the instructions. Sometimes, proper charging cycle can sligtly increase Laptop Battery Life!

  12. Using the appropriate adapter—Use the original adapter to charge the laptop battery. Make sure it has relevant specifications.

tips and tricks

  • Battery life is made to last for 2 to 3 years, but by following abovementioned tips you can enhance its functioning.
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