How to make strong pass-phrase

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For secure protection of some very important information it is necessary to use extremely secure pass-phrases. Pass-phrases are usually much longer than passwords. For example, you can use pass-phrase for SSH authentication. Do all your best to do not forget your pass-phrase, if you forget it – you can loose all your data.

step-by-step instructions

  1. As a main part of pass-phrase it is better to take any phrase, which is easy to remember for you. It can be rhyme from you childhood, or the best phrase from your favorite actor. Length should be not less than 5 words. More words is better.

  2. Add few special symbols to your pass-phrase. You can write them down, but is will be better to remember them, because some of pass-phrases are non-restorative. Because of the length of the main part of this phrase, special symbols can be repeated, like ####.

  3. Two parts, from step 1 and step 2 will give you very good, secure and easy-to-remember pass-phrase.

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by: John Farnon
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