How to make sushi rice

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How to make sushi rice
Despite the fact that many “professionals” say that the most important ingredient in sushi is the freshest possible fish, they are wrong. The most important ingredient in Japanese sushi is sushi rice. Wrongly cooked rice will definitely ruin all your sushi and you should pay most of your attention to technique, how to make sushi rice properly. For cooking good rice, you can either buy a professional rice-cooker or use heavy round pot. We think that a heavy rounded pot will give more authentic results rather than a modern rice-cooker.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. ¾ pints of sushi-rice will be well enough for two people.
    • Sushi-rice – short, rounded rice, available from any oriental store.
    • White rice vinegar – each oriental store should have at least one bottle of such vinegar for sale.
    • Standard white sugar.
    • Salt

  2. Prepare sweet and salty vinegar for sushi rice. For each 3 measures of rice use ½ measure of rice vinegar, ¼ measure of sugar and a reasonable amount of salt. Let's say use ½ tsp of salt for each ½ kg of sushi-rice. Stir this mixture occasionally during the rice boiling procedure until all sugar dissolves. If you feel that the sugar will not dissolve in-time, you can warm up your vinegar mixture a bit before adding it to the rice.

  3. Boil the sushi-rice in a heavy round-bottom pot. For each measure of sushi-rice, take about 15% more water, for example, for 3 pints of rice use 3½ pints of water.

    Wash the rice once, then place into the pot and add cold water. Place the pot onto the lowest possible gas-burner temperature, and cook under closed lid. Stir occasionally each 5-10 min. Boil until all water will have disappeared. This depends on the quantity of the rice and the temperature used, so be sure to check the rice frequently.

  4. Add the mixture of vinegar with sugar and salt into the rice.

  5. Gently stir it once again. Cover with the lid and you can now use this rice for further cooking. We hope that this simple instruction of How to make sushi rice will helps you to cook perfect sushi rice without any problems!

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