How to use a European plug with a British socket

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How to use a European plug with a British socket ... This is a very common question, that all European tourists ask before travel to England or Scotland. And shopkeepers are happy to sell them adapters for the price from 1 to 10 or even more pounds. To be honest, I can tell you that you don't need to buy this adapter if you will lead this article.

This is also can be useful if you've bought some equipment with a European plug.

British socket and European plug

European plugs have two round pins and some kind of flat earth connector. British plug (and respectively socket) have three rectangular pins. One is Earth and two others for the normal electricity connection - phase (live) and neutral.

It is a great coincidence that the diameter of the European plug is equal to the thickness of both plugs and they have the same distance. Therefore you can use a British socket with a European plug without any adapters! But not vice versa, unfortunately.

Also, in the British plugs, access to live and neutral holes can be allowed only after plunging the Earth pin - that is why the Earth pin is longer. But it is possible to sort without an Earth pin and I will tell you how to use a European plug with a British socket without any converter or adapter.

step-by-step instructions

  1. To unblock live and neutral holes, it is necessary to press the Earth tongue in the socket with a wooden or even metal stick.

  2. When the holes start to open, just plug in the European plug firmly and enjoy. As simple as that.

    To make sure that you are doing everything correctly, check our video on how to do it.

    That it. Very simple!

tips and tricks

  • Do not do it with wet hands - you can have an electric shock
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