How to fry brotula or king clip

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How to fry brotula or king clip
Brotula, or king clip is a fish belonging cusk-eels family and it is really delicious. Unfortunately cusk-eels are not very common visitors here, therefore, every time I’ve seen this fish, I always take few for cooking. And I do advise you to do the same!

It is very easy to fry brotula. You can fillet it and fry, or you can do it by steaks, the only important things – do not overcook!

And another things, brotula have a lot of other tasty things – liver, head kidneys, floating bladder and even food pipe – everything can be cooked! So follow me to see how to cook it!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Big fresh brotula, salt, oil for cooking and a bit of flour for dusting. Nothing else.

  2. Descale fish. It is a bit difficult to descale cusk-eels, so it is better and easier to use knife for doing this.

  3. Then, open the stomach and take out liver (we will cook it later). Remove intestines. Then you can take of floating bladder as well (it can be deep fried). Remove gills (it is a food pipe there, which you can take and use for cooking as well). Under gills, it is head kidneys - you can fry them as well.

  4. Cut fish into a 1-1½inch steaks. Head cut alongside, or just bake a flat.

  5. Place all fish pieces into the bag and add few table spoons of flour with salt and spices. Shake well in the bag.

  6. Preheat spoon of oil in the pan and start to fry dusted fish on one side for 2-3 min. Turn on other side and fry 8-10 min on low heat under the lid. That it, your king clip is ready!

  7. Serve and enjoy! It is really simple!

    Have a look at our video to see how we doing this. It is really simple and you always be satisfied with results!

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