How to shell a lobster

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How to shell a lobster
Actually, I don’t really like to boil whole lobster and then think, what else we can do now and how to eat it. I do prefer to cook it differently, but if you already have boiled lobster, for example, this lovely Canadian lobster (Homarus americanus), then, I will explain you, how to shell lobster.

Lobster preparation is pretty easy task and it only takes 5 min to do everything, but properly served lobster looks so posh, that you can impress anybody with this dish!

So, just find already boiled lobster and let’s start!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Boiled lobster. Chilled down or defrosted.

  2. Twist and pull off claws and legs, set them aside.

  3. Twist and pull off the tail from the head. Yes, I know that this is not head, the proper name is carapace or cephalothorax, but it is much easier to say head. When you disconnect tail from head you can see the content of this head, is there any roe or not.

  4. Crush the tail shell by pressing it from the sides. Do it gently to do not smash the meat. Then the shell is cracked – simply peel it off and pull out tail from it.

  5. Make tail flat by few cuts from internal side. Don;t cut too deep, no more that ½ of the meat.

  6. Open the lobster head and remove edible blob. This blob contains tomalley (liver), roe and cooked blood. This is perfectly edible! But it is also necessary to remove stomach from this blob and 2 pins, which are responsible for some mechanical connections inside the head.

  7. Disconnect claws from the arms. Twist and pull out movable pincer (dactyl), if you do it carefully, it will pull out internal bone completely. Then slightly crack claw with knife and break it to open. Pull out all meat. Cut arms with scissors and remove meat as well

  8. Cut of with scissors first segment from the legs, and then push out meat with dough rolling pin.

    That’s it. Now place everything on the serving plate and and enjoy. It is really easy and simple procedure, but if you are not sure, go have a look to our video and check the details:

    You can serve it with any sauce!

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